Lotus Sutra Necklace Naga Land Tibet Sacred Stones Amulet
Blue Lotus' - Blue Topaz and Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Tibetan Dzi Necklace / Naga Land Tibet Sacred Stones Amulet
Amazonite / Lotus Scroll Ring / Healing Stones Ring
Rose Quartz Lotus Pendent Necklace, 18"
Labradorite Lotus Om Triple Charm Necklace
Tantra Jewelry
Jewelry Sets
Buddhist Jewelry
Fairy Tail New Collection Set of 18 Golden Zodiac Keys
Tree of Life, Lotus Flower & Karma Charm Necklace
Large Yin and Yang Medallion
Prayer Wheel Pendant in Sterling Silver
925 Solid St Sterling Silver Prayer Wheel Earrings
Earrings, Carnelian Lotus;
Open Lotus Flower Earrings/Ruby
Sterling Silver OM Symbol Spinning Motion Ring

Om Rings
Meditation Pose Dangling Earrings
Rings from India
Pair of Silver Lotus Drop Eyelets: 0g
Round Lotus Flower Pendant in Sterling Silver and 24kt Gold Vermeil
Sterling Silver Turquoise Prayer Wheel Pendant
Sterling Silver Prayer Wheel Pendant
Wood Calligraphy Words Beads Buddhist Prayer Bracelet Mala
Sterling Silver Chakra Anklet / Bracelet Set on Suede Cords - All 7 Colors!
Pair of Horn Plugs with Bone Open Lotus Inlay: 7/8"g
lotus plugs
Large Open Design Lotus Flower Pendant in Sterling Silver
"Zodiac" Freshwater Pearl Gemini Constellation Pendant
Natural Crystal Quartz
CORK CASE Snap On Cover skin for APPLE IPHONE 5C
Tibetan Copper Bracelet Yin-Yang Women's Men's Spiritual Yoga Jewelry
Round Lotus Flower Pendant in Sterling Silver with Garnet Beads
Vintage Tibetan Om Pendant Necklace
Buddha Eye Naga Land Tibet Sacred Stones Amulet
Hand Blown Glass Dragon Serpent Figurine with Crystal Ball
Mixed Skull Beads Buddhist Prayer Bracelet Mala
Mala Prayer Beads Mixed Stones (each)
Tibetan White Metal Gold Plated Om Mani Padme Hum Filigreed Bracelet
Dragon Wealth Mala Bead Amulet
HIGH QUALITY Tibetan Buddhist 10mm Ox Bone Skull Beads Rosary Japa Mala Meditation Necklace

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